Claudio de Souza

President of the Brazilian Council of Telemedicine and Telehealth (CBTms)

Ana Estela Haddad

Vice president of the Brazilian Council of Telemedicine and Telehealth (CBTms)

Francisco Campos

CBTms2015 President of honor

Luiz Ary Messina

President of the Scientifical Committee of the CBTms2015

Alexandra Monteiro

President of the CBTms2015

Yunkap kwankam

Executive Director of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH)

Frank Lievens

Board Member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH)

Andy Fischer

CEO Medgate and President ISfTeH

Regina Ungerer

Speaker / CRIS/FIOCRUZ, Switzerland

Adolfo Sparenberg

Member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH)

Lady Murrugara

Speaker / Peruvian Telemedicine Association, Peru

K. Ganapathy


Claudia C Bartz

Speaker / International Council of Nurses, USA

Saroj Kanta Mishra

Speaker / Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute Lucknow, India

Rifat Latifi

Speaker / Trauma Research Institute University of Arizona, USA

Pirkko Kouri

Speaker / Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Olajide Adebola

Speaker / University of Ilorin, kwara State Nigeria

Andre Petitet

ISfTeH Board Member of the ISfTeH and responsible for the Awards Committee.

Maurice Mars

Professor and Head of Dept of TeleHealth at University of KwaZulu-Natal

Markus Lindlar

Professor and Head of Dept of TeleHealth at University of KwaZulu-Natal

Heider Aurelio Pinto

Secretaria de Gestão do Trabalho e da Educação na Saúde (SGTES). Ministério da Saúde. Brasil.

Tamara Guedes

Coordenadora Nacional do Programa Telessaúde Brasil Redes. Ministério da Saúde

Ronald L. Emerson

RN BSN is Global Director Of Healthcare for Polycom

Ayotunde J. Owosho

Speaker / HQ NAMC


In the world we live in now a days, technological progress has led to remarkable advances that save lives and improve their quality. The intensive flow of information certainly impacts rather one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy that is health. In this globalized world... Telehealth has pride of place: the absence of geographical barriers between professionals and users makes that diagnoses and interventions can be given to hundreds of thousands of ...

miles. In theory, any user could consult with any professional in the globe.

Unleash the physical walls of the clinics and hospitals, health interaction has a noticeable impact, which can be of enormous benefit to society in the same way that the reduction of the knowledge asymmetry is. Telehealth must therefore be understood as a powerful tool that helps to increase access and quality of health services.

It applies here the same logic of face care medicine: attention should also move increasingly complex of hospitals and tertiary procedures for local hospitals, to communities and the users of the same household. It makes sense and fits especially in the context of primary health caresolving in order to strengthen national health systems. Thanks to the tool, combined with the technology, painful displacements can be avoided, providing the comfort of users and the optimization of scarce resources, allowing them to be directed where they are most needed. It is a sophisticated toy, but a tool that can contribute to building a healthier and more just world.

There are two strategies that make the telehealth is central to the rise of the coverage of health services. The first is the effective and immediate therapeutic response to situations related to clinical cases that without this technology, could only be solved in more complex centers. The second strategy refers to the provision of formative second opinion, which contributes to the training of professionals in remote areas, encouraging their stay. Considering the increased life expectancy, the essential promotion of preventive actions and advances in medicine - that enable the treatment of many diseases to which they had no therapeutic possibilities in the past - certainly require more healthcare investments in the coming years. The more resources invested in an inclusive and equitable manner, enabling higher quality service to health services, the better!



Getting to know Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s Guide

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28 a 30 de OUTUBRO
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Theme Telehealth for Universal Health Coverage

Research Lines Tele-education, Tele-assistance

Schedule Secretariat Office: 9am-6pm

Classrooms Oct 27 to 29 - 9am-5pm; Oct 30 - 8am-5pm

Showroom 8am-5pm

Visa Requirements

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Abstract submission List of approved abstracts available


Air Tickets and Accommodation Mello Faro Turismo is the official turism agency Contact it

Location Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ) Campus

Map Public transport system

NAME TAG Mandatory for accessing all the scientifical activities in CBTms2015. In case you lose or forget yours, a second name tag can be emmited at the cost of R$ 100 .This condition is an irrevocable security measure.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Portuguese is the official language in CBTms2015. There will be simultaneous English-Portuguese translation (and vice-versa) for foreign visitor.

CERTIFICATES All the certificates will be available exclusively in digital PDF format, fifteen days after the event. To receive a ‘participation certificate’, the attendee must have been present each day. It is important to highlight that registration alone in CBTms2015 does not guarantee the certificate emission.

LOCKERS Available in the Secretariat Office during opening hours at a cost of R$ 20,00.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE There are several possibilities of restaurants within and outside the campus area.

CBTms2015 is being promoted by the Brazilian Council of Telemedicine and Telehealth (CBTms) in partnership with the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth – IsfTeH. The event is being organized by UERJ Telehealth Center in Rio de Janeiro.

20th ISfTeH International

7th Brazilian Telemedicine and
Telehealth Congress

Rio de Janeiro Telehealth Symposium

Visa Requirements

USA and Canada nationals, as well as citizens of many foreign countries traveling to Brazil on tourism are normally required to obtain a visa prior to entering Brazil. This requirement complies with reciprocity toward countries that demand Brazilian citizens to hold a visa in order to enter into their territories.


Registration in the CBTms2015 includes participation to all events. No separate registrations will be accepted to participate in only one of the events. To participate in the IV National Seminar - Program Telehealth Brazil Networks seminar requires to be enrolled in CBTms2015.


Up to October 15

from 16 October


R$ 400,00

R$ 1000,00

Postgraduate students*

R$ 200,00

R$ 500,00

Undergraduate students*

R$ 40,00

R$ 100,00

Cancellation policy:

No cancellations will be accepted BUT You may transfer your registration to a colleague if necessary. Please notify the CBTms secretariat of any such substitutions as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

Invitation letter for visa purpose

If you need an invitation letter, please submit the visa support form with all requested details and we will send you an official invitation letter which can be used to apply for your visa at the designated embassy or consulate in your country.

* Requires an official document of the institutions they are coming from.

Abstract submission os closed

Moretlo Molefi | Africa

South Africa | CI

Maurice Mars | Africa

South Africa | CI

Joseph Adebola | Africa

Nigeria | CI

Masatsugu Tsuji | Asia

Japan | CI

Shuji Shimizu | Asia

Japan | CI

K. Ganapthy | Asia

India | CI

Saroj Mishra | Asia

India | CI

Yunkap Kwankam | Europe

Switzerland | OI - CI

Pirkko Kouri | Europe

Finland | CI

André Petitet | Europe

France |CI

Malina Jordanova | Europe

Bulgaria | CI

Frank Lievens | Europe

Belgium | CI - OI

Regina Ungerer | Europe

Switzerland | CI - OI

Stephan Kiefer | Europe

Germany | CI

Véronique-Ines Thouvenot | Europe

Belgium | CI

Miguel Coimbra | Europe

Portugual | CI

Richard Scott | North America

Canada | CI

Claudia Bartz | North America

United States | CI

Rifat Latifi | North America

United States | CI

Marcelo D'Agostino | North America

United States | CI

Castro Esperidion Andrade |Latin America

Bolivia | CI

Victor Javier |Latin America

Peru | CI

Walter Curioso |Latin America

Peru | CI

Lady Murrugara |Latin America

Peru | CI

Francisco La Rosa |Latin America

United States | CI

Adolfo Sparenberg |Latin America

Brazil | CI - OI

Maurizio Mattoli |Latin America

Chile | CI

Gregório Sanches |Latin America

Venezuela | CI

Pedro Galvan |Latin America

Paraguai | CI

Adrian Pacheco Lopez |Latin America

México | CI

Gisele Ricur |Latin America

Argentina | CI

Lanthony Maeder |Australasia

Australia | CI

Rodrigo Silveira | Brasil

Acre | CN

Márcia Rodriguez Barrera | Brasil

Amapá | CN

Ricardo Cesar Garcia Amaral | Brasil

Amazonas | CN

Cleinaldo de Almeida Costa | Brasil

Amazonas | CN

Tiago Bahia Fontana | Brasil

Bahia | CN

Luiz Roberto de Oliveira | Brasil

Ceará | CN

Amanda Shelski da Motta | Brasil

Distrito Federal| CN

Rodrigo Varejão Andreão | Brasil

Espírito Santo| CN

Alexandre Taleb | Brasil

Goiás | CN

Humberto de Oliveira Serra | Brasil

Maranhão | CN

Ana Emilia Figueredo de Oliveira | Brasil

Maranhão | CN

Maria Conceição Villa | Brasil

Mato Grosso| CN

Valdelírio Venites | Brasil

Mato Grosso | CN

Adelia Delfina da Motta| Brasil

Mato Grosso do Sul| CN

Paula Oda Haddad | Brasil

Mato Grosso do Sul | CN

Maria Beatriz Alkimim | Brasil

Minas Gerais| CN

Ilma Pastana | Brasil

Pará | CN

Camila Gondim da Fonseca| Brasil

Paraíba | CN

Mônica Evelise Silveira | Brasil

Paraná | CN

Magdala de Araújo Novaes | Brasil

Pernambuco | CN

Paula Rejane Bezerra Diniz | Brasil

Pernambuco | CN

Telma Maria Evangelista de Araújo | Brasil

Piauí | CN

Ricardo Alexsandro de Medeiros| Brasil

Rio Grande do Norte | CN

Erno Harzheim | Brasil

Rio Grande do Sul | CN

Carlos André Aita Schmitz | Brasil

Rio Grande do Sul | CN

Dhelio Batista Pereira | Brasil

Rondônia | CN

Elinalda da Silva Oliveira | Brasil

Roraima | CN

Maria Cristina Marino Calvo | Brasil

Santa Catarina | CN

Iara Alves de Camargo | Brasil

São Paulo | CN

Cicero Inacio da Silva | Brasil

São Paulo | CN

Rosiane Azevedo Cerqueira | Brasil

Sergipe | CN

Itamar Magalhães Gonçalves | Brasil

Tocantis | CN

Beatriz Leão | Brasil

São Paulo | CN

Paulo Mazzoncini de Azevedo | Brasil

São Paulo | CN

Mônica Pena de Abreu | Brasil

Minas Gerais | CN

Mary Caroline Skelton Macedo | Brasil

São Paulo | ON - JT

Paulo Silveira | Brasil

São Paulo | CN - JT

Claudia Nóvoa Barsottini | Brasil

São Paulo | JT

Denise Abranches | Brasil

São Paulo | JT

Alair Augusto Sarmet dos Santos | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Amit Bhaya | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Artur Ziviani | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Rosa Costa | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | JT

Alexandre Sztajnberg | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | JT

Luciana Tricai Cavalini | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | JT

Luciana Motta | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | JT

Mário Sérgio Alves Carneiro | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Márcia Rendeiro | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Helena Maria Leal Dav | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL - JT

Paulo Roberto de Lima Lopes | Brasil

São Paulo | ON - JT

Alaneir de Fatima dos Santos | Brasil

Minas Gerais | CN - JT

Maria Isabel de Castro de Souza | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | JT

Chao Lung Wen | Brasil

São Paulo | CN - ON

Jeane Couto | Brasil

Pernambuco | CN

Wandrei Braga | Brasil

Distrito Federal | ON

Rosimeira Andrade | Brsil

Distrito Federal | ON

Tamara Guedes | Brasil

Distrito Federal | ON

Ana Estela Haddad | Brasil

São Paulo | CI - CN - ON - OI

Cláudio de Souza | Brasil

Minas Gerais | CI - CN - ON - OI

Luiz Ary Messina | Brasil

Espirito Santo | CI - CN - ON - OI

Alexandra Monteiro | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | CI - CN - OL - ON - OI

Angélica Silva | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Gláucia Silveira de Castro | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Leonardo Frajhof | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Luis Felipe Ribeiro Pinto | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Albanita Viana de Oliveira | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Marisa Peter | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Maria Helena Cautiero Jardim | Brasil

Rio de Janeiro | OL

Veronica Abdala | Brasil

São Paulo | CN - OL

The top 20 CBTms 2015 abstracts

Do you know the Brazilian Journal of Telehealth (JBT)? The JBT is an online publication of scientific papers of interest in the areas of telemedicine and telehealth. The 20 best abstracts will be invited to publish an expanded article in the Brazilian Journal of Telehealth.

Junior Researcher Award

Graduate students who are lead authors in rewarded abstracts are going to receive the Junior Researcher Award.

The History of Telehealth

The e-book ‘A História da Telessaúde no Rio de Janeiro’ is going to be launched during the 1st Symposium in the city.


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